About Us

The following Board Member positions listed are elected or appointed as dictated in the by-laws of the Santa Clara County Peace Officers Association.

President: Bud Smith Retired - Sheriffs Dept.
Vice President: Joe charvez Sheriffs Dept
Secretary/Treasurer: Deborah Tomasetti
Membership Chairperson: Todd Trayer San Jose PD
Campership Coordinator: John Tomasetti

There are a number of additional Board Members who participate on a regular basis with the charity programs of the association as well as at the property. (See Property) In order to become a Board Member, a person must belong to a law enforcement agency within Santa Clara County. Each agency is allowed 2 Directors. The above listed positions do not count toward the 2 Director positions for an agency. If you are interested in becoming a Director for your agency, call (408) 264-1224, for the information

The following is a sample and partial list of the charities that have been sponsored by the SCCPOA:

In addition to the charitable donations, our community service project is a Campership Program. The association owns 171 acres of land off of Highway 9 behind the City of Saratoga. The property contains a campground with 9 tent cabins and several camping sites with barbecue pits and an amphitheater for a group bonfire. There is a state of the art Camp Playground for the youngsters, (see photo in property section) and approximately one mile from the camp site (still on our property) is our (pistol only) firearms range. (See property section for rules of the range).

The goal of the Campership Program is to interact in a positive fashion with the disadvantaged youth in our area. This includes youngsters who may even have had a "brush" with the law, and may not necessarily have a positive feeling about law enforcement. The Board Members responsible for the Campership Program organize group outings to take youngsters camping at the property. Officers from different agencies volunteer to "work" at the camp outs and this allows close contact between these youngsters and a law enforcement officer. For the most part these youngsters come from our local satellite group homes. Chaperones from the group home involved are required to attend. The Girl scouts, Boy Scouts and cub scouts use the property on a regular basis.