Summer Message from the President Bud C. Smith

During the past winter, over 70 inches of rain fell up at our facility. A core group of volunteers was kept busy keeping the roads open and maintaining the property for both members and group usage. Numerous hours/ days were spent cutting trees off of the roadway, clearing mudslides / rock-slides from both the main road and the range road. Drainage culverts were cleared of mud and rocks. Several slides caused a portion of our main road to give way. We had to cut back into the hillside in order to provide access into the campground and range areas. We will be starting to patch a few potholes in the road as needed until we can come up with enough funds to resurface the entire road.

Our 46th Annual Fundraiser is now our 8th Annual Grand National Rodeo show. Fundraising for the Grand National Rodeo began on May 15 2017, and will run for 16 consecutive weeks. The Grand National Rodeo will be held on Friday October 13, 2017 at the Cow Palace located at 2600 Geneva Avenue (near Bayshore Boulevard) in Daly City, CA. 94014. The Grand National no host BBQ and live country music band are in full swing at 5:00 pm. Shoppers can find the best in Cowboy Clothing and Old West treasure at the Grand National Marketplace. Horses and livestock are on display all day long. A reminder that all members are invited at attend. If you would like complimentary tickets to attend this event, contact our office at (408) 264-1224.

For more information about the Grand National Rodeo event go to the following website for additional details: . Your support of the Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association is appreciated. Funds collected for the Grand National Rodeo will go toward maintaining our campground facility used by numerous other non-profits and youth programs as well as to support youth sport leagues. Thank you.

As it has been for over 35 years, the work party dates are the 2nd Saturday of every month and on those days, the pistol range is CLOSED for maintenance. Come on up to help with the ongoing projects and you will be rewarded with a bbq'd lunch. Work party date or not, if there is a property improvement you want to do, with or without others, call us at (408) 264-1224 so the project and supplies can be discussed.

Notice: Directors wanted. There are several vacant agency representative positions on our board of directors. Each agency is allowed two representatives to serve on the board. We meet on a monthly basis for about an hour to go over property usage and membership questions. We usually meet on a Tuesday, at a local pizza parlor. There is no obligation to attend the monthly work parties (the second Saturday of every month), even though additional help is always welcome. Call (408) 264-1224 for the date, time, and location of our board/membership meetings.

Be sure to check out our Face book page, post a picture or a review of your day at our facility.

Until next time, stay safe.