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To Insure Everyones Safety:


Work Party Dates

  • Do not wear side arms in the campground
  • Briquette fires in BBQ's only
  • Only small fires are permitted in the fire circle.
  • Make sure all fires are extinguished before you leave.
  • Please use propane appliances.
  • Avoid using white gas
  • No Hunting. Do not disturb the wildlife
  • Children must be supervised.
  • Guests must be with a host member.
  • Groups need a reservation to use the Campground/Range.
  • A group reservation for the property, does not automatically include group range use
  • Our water is non-potable.
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Mar. 10 (Gate Combination changed today)
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Property Site telephone number 408-741-9539
Main Office number 408-264-1224
Bud Smith-President / Property Cell Ph. 408-483-4365
Property / Range Scheduling John Tomasetti