Road Conditions Update:

1-3-2018 - Road Open - Loose gravel, drive slowly.

12-8-2017 - Road Closed - The Range road will be CLOSED for repaving on Friday December 8, 2017. This is a one day closure.

11-13-2017 - Road Open - The roads are open for now. The contractor stopped work due to the rains that are expected this week.

11-10-2017 - Road Closed - The Range road is CLOSED until further notice due to road repairs/ resurfacing. Heavy equipment will be on the roadway and RS1 (sticky) oil will be sprayed over the entire roadway. The Campground road is OPEN at this time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

11-8-2017 - Intermittent Road Closure Notice - The Range road is CLOSED for resurfacing 11/8-11/9 (Oil will be applied). The Campground road is OPEN at this time. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

10-18-2017 - Road Advisory - The roads are currently open however please check back with this website for any updates of upcoming road closures relating to the repair efforts. This week the contractor is delivering road materials and equipment to the property. The contractor will notify the SCCPOA specific days that the range/campgrounds will be closed later this week. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

10-9-2017 - Intermittent Road Closure Notice - The Campground and Range road will be CLOSED for resurfacing for several days during the next few weeks. We expect the work to be completed by the end of October. Heavy equipment will be on the roadway and RS1 (sticky) oil will be sprayed over the entire roadway. Call (408-264-1224) before heading up to the range for specific days that the range will be closed. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!

9-4-2017 - Road Advisory - The Road leading to the campground area OK for all vehicles at this time. The road to the range has several rough spots. Trucks & 4 wheel drive recommended. Proceed with caution.

3-12-2017 - Road Open - We have received over 70 inches of rain this season and it has a taken a heavy toll on our roads. We have cleared the road to the campgrounds and range of numerous fallen trees, rocks, and mud slides. A portion of the road slipped down the mountainside and we had to carve out the side of the mountain in order to make the road wide enough for a vehicle. It is possible to use the road, but we recommend that only trucks and 4-wheel drive vehicles be used on the range road at this time. The range road has numerous ruts and potholes. Kindly stay off of all barricaded areas if you travel up to the property. Additionally, once the mountain starts to dry out we will begin working on the road surface. Thank you for your patience.

2-25-2017 - Road Closed - Recent storms have continued erosion to the roads. This last storm on Feb. 20th brought down many large trees blocking the roads. Volunteers are spending a significant amount of their time to remove these trees, clear the mudslides from roads and have placed sandbags on the roads. The sandbags are to redirect the water that is continuing to come out of the mountain down into our streams until the culverts at the base of the property have been cleared. We are accessing the erosion to one portion of the road. Please refrain from going up to the property until the roads are completely restored. If you drive up to the range now you will have to drive over the sandbags and be counterproductive to our efforts. We have updated the SCCPOA website with a new "Road Condition" tab under property. This will be updated as we get new information about the roads. Please look to the website for current road conditions at

2-23-2017 - Road Closed - The SCCPOA may be able to rebuild a new berm of dirt on the remaining roadway and use the new road that we recently cut back into the hillside. The range road has a few downed trees blocking the roadway and it has washed out in numerous places, but the range itself is in excellent condition.

2-22-2017 - Road Closed - Due to all the mudslides and trees blocking our driveway, we do not anticipate have a date to re-open until we get a closer look at the portion of the main roadway that has slid away and access the situation. Booker Creek Rd. still blocked by three large redwoods and downed PG&E power lines. Numerous slides, several plugged culverts, lots of trees have fallen and are blocking our driveway all the way up to the campground.

2-17-2017 - Road Closed - We started to work on to a slide, but all this rain has set us back. After the weather clears, we will start working on getting the road open again. It may be up to a month or so before that happens. We will send out a notification to all members once we feel the mountainside has stabilized and it is safe to re-open our access road.

2-15-2017 - Road Closed - The SCCPOA property is closed Due to recent heavy rains, half of our roadway slipped 6" to 8" in some places, and fissures an inch wide opened up. We dug out the hillside in an attempt to make a bypass around the slide area, then filled it in with base-rock material. Hopefully it holds up in the coming rain. We will do an inspection after most of the rainy days have past us by to see if the road is holding it's own.