Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association


Bud C.Smith

Winter Message

The 2019 membership renewal notices have been mailed out. The option to use PayPal for both new and membership renewals has been well received. Thank you to all the members who have either purchased raffle tickets or made direct donations to our road maintenance fund during this year’s annual membership drive. Special thanks again to one of our members who is sponsoring a raffle for a second time to generate funds for future road maintenance.

Numerous youth groups utilized our campground facility this past year, and several groups have already made reservations for the coming year. Last summer, cub scout pack 556 purchased five (5) portable picnic table kits that the scouts assembled onsite as a community service project. Thank you, Cub Scout Pack 556. Additionally, thanks to a grant from the Friends of the NRA, we were able to purchase 164 tons of road base material to fill in all of the areas in between the shooting lanes. This material will help keep the weeds and dirt covered and allow for easier range maintenance. We were also successful in getting an additional grant from the Friends of NRA to install solar lighting. The solar lighting project is in the initial installation phase. We hope to have it completed before summertime. One other project recently completed was to add a concrete walkway around the large BBQ pit in the main campground.

The SCCPOA campground/property now has a physical address of 24090 Deer Path Rd. We have prominently posted this address both in the campground and at the range in the event you need to summon emergency services. Santa Clara County Communications (AKA: County Comm.) has the gate combinations in the event that they need to access our property in the event of an emergency.

Remember, the range is closed on work party days for range maintenance and clean up. In an effort to keep non-members from using our facility, we strongly encourage all members to ask for and check membership cards and to report any observed range violations. Work Party Dates for 2019 are Jan. 12th, Feb. 9th, Mar. 9th., Apr. 13th, May 11th, June 8th, July 13th, Aug. 10th, Sept. 14th, Oct. 12th, Nov. 9th, Dec. 14th, and Jan. 11, 2020. Come on up and help us maintain the tent cabins, playground structures, bathrooms, water inlet system, range facility and the road which is a never- ending task.

Additionally, this past year, we have updated the SCCPOA website. A link to a calendar of events can be found on our homepage. Additionally, check out our Facebook page ( for information posted by other members and/or to share your current or past experiences/photos with other members.

Until next time, stay safe.