Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association


February 25, 2017

From left to right Joe Charvez, Tom Regan, Bud Smith

Tom Regan

Tom Regan has been a member of the SCCPOA for less than two years and he has demonstrated his commitment to improving our association property in many ways. Since joining, Tom has attended the majority of our monthly work parties and helps at our range facility by checking membership cards on a regular basis. Tom has also volunteered numerous additional days helping build a decorative rock platform in our shop facility that will hold a wood burning heater. Additionally, Tom has negotiated donations including several truckloads of road base material that he delivered himself up to our range facility, three pallets of paver bricks that will be used to make a walkway at our range, a full pallet of asphalt patch material to help fill potholes, and a pallet of decorative rock for our maintenance facility. Tom's commitment to the SCCPOA earned him our citizen of the year award for 2015.

March 12, 2017

From left to right Bud Smith, Jeff Bates, Joe Charvez

Jeff Bates

Jeff Bates has been a member of the SCCPOA for four years and during those years; he has demonstrated his commitment to making our camping and range facility a better place. Jeff has attended almost all the monthly work parties since joining our association and spends a considerable amount of time locating and obtaining donated materials for ongoing projects at the property. Jeff recently purchased a new tractor tire and donated an additional two new tractor tires and rims for one of our older tractors. Additionally, Jeff has made several financial contributions to our road-rebuilding fund.