Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association


Bud C.Smith

Winter Message

During the past year, the property committee has been kept busy installing the solar panels at both the main campground area and at our range. The panels in the campground area are currently generating power, but we have yet to get that power wired into the bathrooms. We hope to have the system online for the start of the 2020 camping season. The solar panels for the range are now on-site and the installation process has started.

I encourage each of you to periodically log onto our website for current information about the property and range.( In addition, we also have links on our website for you to submit your comments or suggestions, check the property use schedule for campground availability and/or if the range has been reserved. We have also added a Facebook link ( for members to add information and or share their photos and experiences. Numerous youth groups utilized our campground facility this past year, and several groups have posted pictures of their camping experiences.

Work Party Dates for 2020 are Jan. 11th, Feb. 8th, Mar. 14th. (Gate Combinations will be changed Sat. Mar. 14th), Apr. 11th, May 9th, June 13th, July 11th, Aug. 8th, Sept. 12th, Oct. 10th, Nov. 14th, Dec. 12th, and Jan. 9th, 2021. As it has been for the past 50 years, the work party dates are the 2nd Saturday of every month and on those days, the pistol range is CLOSED for maintenance. Keeping the tent cabins, playground structures, bathrooms, water inlet system, range facility and the road in good working order is a never-ending task. Come on up to help with the ongoing projects and you will be rewarded with a BBQ’s lunch. Work party date or not, if there is a property improvement you want to do, with or without others, call us at (408) 264-1224 so the project and supplies can be discussed.

Santa Clara County Communications (AKA: County Comm.) have been given the gate code combinations in the event that they need to access our property in an emergency.

Additionally, this past year, we have updated the SCCPOA website. A link to a calendar of events can be found on our homepage. Additionally, check out our Facebook page ( for information posted by other members and/or to share your current or past experiences / photo’s with other members.

Property Site telephone number 408-741-9539

Until next time stay safe,

Bud C. Smith
SCCPOA President