Santa Clara County Peace Officers' Association

Range Details

The pistol range (handguns only-no carbines, rifles, etc.) is located approximately one mile past/above the campground. There are eight paved shooting lanes with stations at 7 1/2, 15, 25, and 50 yards. Please follow the posted range use/safety rules. Members of the S.C.C.P.O.A. with their immediate family and up to 2 guests may use the pistol range without a group reservation, but the host member must be present at the range when in use by his/her group. Should the number of persons in a member's group exceed 10, a reservation is required and a non-refundable range maintenance/use donation of $50 may be charged. Any department/agency using the pistol range may be charged non-refundable range maintenance/use donation (typically $100-$200 per day). Scheduled groups, even with a reservation, will relinquish a lane for a member of the S.C.C.P.O.A. should a member show up to use the range. Member(s) that show up to use the pistol range, while a scheduled group is present, will follow the safety directions of the group Range Master and will shoot from the same line of fire.

All targets, without exception, will be placed in the dirt in front of the 7 1/2 yard station or placed on the target stand(s) provided. The 25 yard station barricades are not targets and are not to be used for posting targets. The pistol range is the only location within property where a firearm may be discharged. Reservations for use of the pistol range are made on a first come-first serve basis and a limit may be placed on the number of times any given agency/department/group can reserve the pistol range during a year.

Please adhere to all use/safety rules at all and think of the consequences of your actions because contrary to popular belief, from time to time both the pistol range and the campgrounds suffer from what can only be called “willful negligence.” Any violations should be reported to the administrative offices / President Bud Smith, at (408) 264-1224.

The second Saturday of each month is our WORK PARTY DAY. General use of the park is not recommended and the campground and range are closed. Feel free to come up and lend a hand with maintenance and improvements.

No firearms or weapons may be discharged in the campground area, and paint ball guns are strictly prohibited anywhere on the property. BB guns, pellet guns and sling shots shall be fired only at the pistol range.

Range Reservations

Please check the SCCPOA calendar for available dates.

Any member wishing to bring a guest must fill out/turn in a range HHA form before using the range. Please adhere to all posted use/safety rules at all times. Reservations for use of the pistol range are made on a first come-first serve basis. Reservations may be secured at any time by submitting a deposit according to the attached schedule.

Send your completed forms / reservations by email to:

Or by mail your completed forms / reservations to P.O. Box 4629, Mountain View, Ca 94040

If you would also like to make reservations for use of the campground, please visit our Campground Information page.

Range questions:
Please email: